Various Advantages and Disadvantages of Gadgets


Modern people cannot imagine their lives without gadgets. Almost every year newer gadgets or better versions of the older gadgets are getting unveiled. The world is sort of flooded with the various gadgets and every few months something new is joining the list. All these gadgets are devices that have unique function and purpose. At the time of launch, the gadget is way ahead of its time and its competitors, but within a few months, some other gadget takes up its position. The new gadget dethrones the older gadget. All these gadgets have changed life as it used to be.

If you conduct a survey, 70-80% of the people will tell that gadgets like computer, laptop, cell phones, tablets, iPods, iPhones and many more are good. They have changed the lives of millions of the people all around the world. They come only with benefits and they do not have any drawbacks. You may also believe in the same ideology, but if you delve little deeper, things will become clear. You will be able to understand that though these gadgets have made life better and easier, but they come with their own disadvantages. First you will know about the pros and then you will know about the cons.


The advantages are,

  • Dealing with things has become easier.
  • The world is within your hands.
  • You can achieve almost anything with these gadgets.
  • You can now work during a vacation and for that you won’t have to open your laptop. The work can be done from your phone.
  • Your tablet or your phone can measure your calorie intake and burning, every day.
  • These gadgets can keep an eye upon your daily life and decide your diet.
  • Now you can forget about the queues. From paying the bills to buying the tickets can be done through any of these gadgets and internet connection.
  • You can listen to your favorite song and read about the artist at the same time.
  • You can get the recipe of the delicious dishes in your phone or tablet.

In short, almost everything is possible with these gadgets and internet connection. They have not only changed the lives of millions, but they have changed the façade of life al together. Despite all the above mentioned benefits, the modern gadgets come with certain drawbacks and they are,

  • All the modern gadgets are powered by electricity and battery. They are creating electromagnetic fields. Due to the proximity of these gadgets the natural energy filed of the human body is getting disrupted. So, people are suffering from some common problems like indigestion, extreme fatigue, brain fog and such. The eyes are also getting affected pretty badly.
  • Cell phones are convenient mediums of contacting people anytime, but the radiation emitted by these phones can be fatal. Extreme use of cell phones can affect your brain and can result even into cancer.
  • The gadgets are supposed to reduce the amount of stress, but they are creating more stress for people.
  • Finally, the biggest problem that most of the people are not thinking about, pollution. Every year a lot of gadgets get discarded. As they have heavy metals as their ingredients disposing them off is a tough job. Those gadgets are one of the biggest reasons of pollution.

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