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5 Films With Great Visual Effects

Hitech Kolkata
July  18, 2017


Terminator 2: Judgment day

This film is a 1991 American science-fiction action film co-wri...

Animation-An Alternative & Lucrative Career Option!

Hitech Kolkata
July  17, 2017


Animation is a combination of art and technology. The continuous Evolving technologies of 2D and 3D animation and visual effects are...

A To Z About Animation Studies

Hitech Kolkata
July  11, 2017


Creating animations that are synthesized on the computer is the focus of this course. Computer generated lighting and backgrounds ar...

Benefits of Joining Animation after 12th standard

Hitech Kolkata
July  10, 2017


It’s​ said that “you get what you focus on, so focus on what you want”. After 12th standard you come to a brink ...

Top 5 Skills Required For A 3D Graphics Designer

Hitech Kolkata
July  04, 2017


First and foremost, graphic designers need creativity. It’s hard to come up with new ideas and innovative...